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With his debut CD, Driven, Matthew has formally entered the jazz scene as a performer and composer of note. Recording with jazz greats Ron Blake, Freddie Hendrix, Gerald Clayton, and Ulysses Owens, he was able to capture innovative and sophisticated performances on newly created original works that maintain ties to the history of jazz.

Track Listing:


The Slow Stride

Seventh Sun

A Mean Lean

Yellow Bird

Lisa's Song

Big Money and the Left Side

Someday I May Be Far Away


Lowcountry Boil

Secret Love



Matthew Rybicki: bass

Ron Blake: tenor and soprano saxophones

Freddie Hendrix: trumpet, flugelhorn

Michael Dease, trombone

Gerald Clayton: piano

Ulysses Owens Jr.: drums

Matthew Baranello: percussion

Selloane Nkehla: vocals


The Slow Stride
00:00 / 06:44
Seventh Sun
00:00 / 04:56
A Mean Lean
00:00 / 05:21
Yellow Bird
00:00 / 04:07
Big Money & the Left Side
00:00 / 05:39
Someday I May Be Far Away
00:00 / 05:24
00:00 / 07:29
Lowcountry Boil
00:00 / 05:56
Secret Love
00:00 / 05:27
00:00 / 09:08


“He has a knack for instantly singable melodies.”
Jon Ross, Downbeat

“Rybicki commands a strong, pliable tone that signals him the expert leader of the dance, effortlessly twirling his partners through complex rotations, then slipping unnoticed from support role to front-and-center.”
Matt Marshall, All About Jazz

“...the results reap the benefits of his patience. With the help of a great backing band and a nimble pen, he has proven he is more than ready for the spotlight.”
    Sean O’Connell, The New York City Jazz Record

“...the wait was overdue, as this CD has a polish and professionalism that rises well above an artist’s first CD.”
Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

“A dead solid perfect Blue Note/Verve burner in spirit, whether hipster or moldy fig, these jazz chops just make you drop your teeth.”
    Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“With degrees from Berklee and Juilliard and sideman experience with the best jazz players in the city, he waited until age 37 to record his first CD. The results are worth the wait…”  
    North Country Public Radio February 19, 2011

“Driven is a rare bird—a memorable, sharply attenuated date with a steady momentum and standout solos.”

Nick Bewsey, Icon Magazine

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